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Scientific program

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The program of the XXI Mendeleev Congress will include plenary and section lectures, poster presentations, symposia and round-table discussions on main directions of chemical science, technology, chemical education and development of the Periodic Table.


1. Fundamental problems of chemical science
Chair — Full Member of RAS M.P. Egorov, Full Member of RAS S.M. Aldoshin
2. Chemistry and technology of materials
Chairs — Full Member of RAS N.T. Kuznetsov, Full Member of RAS E.N. Kablov, Full Member of RAS A.I. Rudskоy
3. Physical chemistry of metallurgical processes
Chairs — Full Member of RAS L. I. Leontyev, Corresponding Member of RAS K.V. Grigorovich, DScTech M.V. Kostina
4. Energy efficiency, environmental safety and risk management of chemical industry
Chair — Full Member of RAS V.P. Meshalkin
5. Chemical aspects of modern energetics and alternative energy resources
Chair — Full Member of RAS A.Yu. Tsivadze
6. Chemistry of fossils and renewable hydrocarbon raw materials
Chairs — Full Member of RAS V.N. Parmon, Full Member of RAS A.G. Dedov, prof. A.L. Maksimov
7. Analytical chemistry: new methods and devices for chemical research and analysis
Chair — Full Member of RAS Yu.A. Zolotov
8. Chemical education
Chairs — Full Member of RAS V.V. Lunin, Corresponding Member of RAS O.I. Koyfman
9. The periodic table and new elements
Chairs — Full Member of RAS B.F. Myasoedov, prof. S.N. Dmitriev
10. Medical chemistry: fundamental and applied aspects
Chairs - Full Member of RAS V.N. Charushin and Corresponding Member of RAS S.O. Bachurin

Satellite symposia

Celebrating D.I. Mendeleev’s Periodic System. A Historical Perspective
Chairs — Full Member of RAS V.V. Lunin, Dr. Van Tiggelen, Brigitte
From Empirical to Predictive Chemistry
Chairs – Professor A. Varnek, Professor V.V. Poroykov
The Periodic Table through Space and Time
Chairs – Corresponding member of RAS B.M. Shustov, Prof. van Dishoeck E.
F-Block Elements: Recent Advances and Challenges
Chairs – Corresponding member of RAS S.N. Kalmykov, prof. A.A. Trifonov
Self-Assembly and Supramolecular Organization

Chairs – Prof. M.W. Hosseini, Corresponding Member of RAS Yu.G. Gorbunova
Research at the BRICS STI Framework Program
Chairs – Professor T. Nyokong
Elemental Materials for Electrochemical Energy
Chairs – Corresponding member of RAS E. V. Antipov Е.В., prof. K. Stevenson
Mendeleev–2019: 11th International Conference on Chemistry for Young Scientists
Chair – Professor I.A. Balova


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